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Sponsor — Raising for Binky

A Super Thank you to Kathy Boothman and her friends and family. Kathy’s daughter Grace’s nickname is Binky was diagnosed with T Cell lymphoblastic Lymphoma in April 2017. Her Supershoes brought so much joy on very dark days. Their donation was raised by holding a dance so that more Supershoes could be created for other children experiencing tough days, making their time brighter.

Raising for Binky’s Super Kids Stories

Super Braydon's Story

Super Braydon’s Story

November 2019

When Braydon first received his Supershoes in September 2018 it was a very difficult time. He was going through chemotherapy and had only a few weeks before undergoing an above the knee amputation in his right leg to remove his tumour. The smile on his face when he sees his Supershoes says it all.