Feeling lucky?

Wondering how to help us, but don’t feel able to donate as much as you’d like to? We have the answer! Just £2 will buy you a raffle ticket for our January raffle, and the chance to win £50. You can buy a ticket for one month, or for £24, you’ll have a ticket for the draw every month in 2021. The mathematicians amongst you can work out the odds of winning, but we can tell you they’ll be better!

The raffle tickets we sell each month will fund two pairs of Supershoes for children or young people in treatment for cancer. That’s two huge smiles (not to mention their families’ smiles) and happier days to take them through a really tough time. Could you spare £2 this month, or each month to be part of our mission? Our raffle tickets are on sale here: https://www.supershoes.org.uk/shop/ Over to you!

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