Who's brave? We all are!

Last weekend, we celebrated VE Day and the bravery of those who kept the country going during the war years. In the weeks since lockdown began on 23 March, we’ve clapped for our key workers, who bravely go to work every day to help others in all kinds of ways. We’re all very grateful for what they’ve done, and continue to do, to help us.

How would you describe being “brave”? The dictionary defines brave as “having the mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty.” In other words, and to quote a famous book (which is well work reading, by the way) “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

great shoes!

I think everyone has had to do their own bit of being brave at some point. And it doesn’t always do to compare bravery, because we all have challenges to face at times. I don’t think you can necessarily rank facing up to a giant spider in the bath when you’re alone in the house; picking up the phone to have a difficult conversation with someone; abseiling down a cliff face or arriving at hospital to receive treatment for cancer, if you’re a child, in order of which requires most bravery. We’re all different, and we can all think of someone we’d describe as brave because bravery is about overcoming a personal challenge. And when it gets personal, it’s not useful to make comparisons.

Peppa is a favourite

So, no “she’s braver than him” then! What’s definitely important though, is to acknowledge and support those who are brave. Being afraid is stressful. Doing something you know you must do, even though you’re afraid, is hard. Whilst we’ve been on lockdown, I’ve heard so many heart-warming stories from parents of Super brave children, telling me how they’ve faced their fears with bravery and a smile, and it makes me all the more determined to reward these precious youngsters as soon as possible. Childhood cancer certainly demands a very particular kind of brave, both from the family of the child or young person and from the person themselves.

At Supershoes, our unique reward takes the form of a gift of a pair of beautiful, customised shoes, to children and young people in treatment for cancer and it’s our way of acknowledging their bravery. It’s special, just like they are, and personal. And it’s a personal mission of ours to carry on supporting them in any way we can, as they bravely face their challenges through illness and treatment.

tiger tiger

Our gifts to children and young people with cancer areon our Gallery page. And if you know a child or young person under the age of 12 who might be inspired to create something beautiful themselves, we’ve also got a fun colouring competition happening this month, which is free to enter, and they could win some awesome pens! All the details are on our Home page.

Until next time, here’s to everyone out there who’s being brave, in any way they can…

With peace, love and gratitude