Everyone needs a bit of magic...

I’m often asked about the most popular design request for Supershoes. The short answer is this: there isn’t really just one. Every single design is as unique as the particular child who wears their Supershoes. Every combination (and we have some very eclectic combinations of favourite things!) is as special as the personality of the child who has designed their shoes. And, of course, you have to mix in with that the awesome creativity of the Super Artist who brings that child’s design to life, and adds their own extra uniqueness.

The magic of unicorns

There are, however, some themes which come up fairly frequently, and we can trace popular children’s interests by these, which is a pretty cool social history thread. We get Paw Patrol, Fortnite, Minecraft, LOL dolls, Frozen and so on, and the rise in popularity of these mirror what’s happening in nurseries, playgroups, schools, the internet and TV all over the country: trends which come and go. Some themes, however, seem to remain constant in their popularity: football teams, dinosaurs, Mickey and Minnie, Superheroes. Oh, and then there are unicorns.

teeny unicorn shoes

As you read this, we’re in Sun Awareness Week (who knew?), and, because I’m not so knowledgeable about things astronomical, I’d like to celebrate this week with an appreciation of things that we don’t totally understand, but which we know make us feel more cheerful when we see them. I know that sunshine is good for us, mentally and physically, even though I don’t fully understand the science. The same can be said to be true for unicorns, especially when they appear on a pair of Supershoes!

beautiful unicorns

“Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.” So goes the quote in Lewis Carroll’s book Through the Looking Glass. If ever there was a time when hope and belief is important, it’s when you’re staring childhood cancer in the face. Our super brave children and their families need all the hope and belief they can get at a time when the world is full of tests, appointments, harsh treatment and hospitals. Everyone needs a little bit of fantasy in their lives don’t they? At times, we’d all like to run away from life’s stresses and strains and indulge in some magical stuff, whatever form that takes for us. And we usually manage to grab a few moments here and there: a cuppa with a friend, a day out, a trip to the cinema, or pjs and pizza snuggled in front of the tv at home.

dazzling unicorns

Children undergoing treatment for cancer, and referred to us for a pair Supershoes need a bit of magic and escapism in their lives too, maybe more than most. Like sunshine in Britain, unicorns are apparently somewhat elusive, but when you find one, they bring magic, smiles, good feelings and maybe, just maybe, some special powers to make you feel better for a while. Unicorns on a pair of Supershoes, laced with hope: I reckon this is a trend that deserves to be around for a long time to come.

If you’d like to donate towards raising funds for a pair of Supershoes, with, or without unicorns, click here, and thank you!

With peace, love and gratitude,

Sarah x