Do Supershoes have magic powers?

Picture the scene: there’s a super-brave 6 year-old boy, lying on the sofa. He’s feeling a bit “meh” today. But he knows something’s about to happen. A very special delivery is due to arrive any time now.

open the box

There’s a knock on the door. He lets his mum answer it. A lady walks into the room, holding a small shoebox. She’s smiling. Luca knows that the shoebox is for him, and he knows it’s his Supershoes. He’s got an idea of what he thinks they might look like, but he’s not quite sure. He’s a Watford FC fan, and loves football. He sits up excitedly, and tackles the box.

standing tall

Oh wow! These Supershoes are so, so awesome. There’s so much detail and colour and things to look at, but the most important thing is to put them on, isn’t it? There’s a massive rush of energy, as Luca hurries to slip them on and tie the laces. He can hardly stand still to have his photo taken. And look! Suddenly, he’s moving around all over the place, in his Supershoes, dashing here and there, grabbing his little gun and missiles; the cat makes a swift retreat!

So what’s the verdict? Well, as I left Luca, he was testing his Supershoes, to see how fast they’d take him up and down a flight of stairs. So it does seem that a pair of Supershoes can have some rather remarkable powers! Thank you for letting me share your special day, Luca! I hope your Supershoes make you feel really special.