A little bit of magic....!

Look out of your window today, and what do you see? Hopefully a ray or two of sunshine, green leaves, flowers, and hello to June, full of magic as Mother Nature really shows off her colours. It’s exactly those little things that make us grateful daily. What’s made you smile today? You may not have to think very hard, and there will have been something, even if it’s something very small. Magic doesn’t always have to be on a grand scale.


Children are great at spotting little, quirky magical things that we grownups don’t always see. My nine-year-old is always commenting on the things she sees, that I often don’t notice, and that simply pass me by. Perhaps it has to do with height as well: children observe from a different level both physically and literally. Every so often, it would do us all good to view things from another perspective, to help us see the magic that our children see and look at the world through their eyes. If you look for the magic, you will find it, anything from the antics of a bird in the garden, a phone-call or text from a friend, a beautiful view, or picture, the dog/cat/hamster doing something hilarious or cute. It doesn’t have to be huge, but if it brings a smile, it’s made some magic.

At Supershoes, we like to make a little magic too. I often think that our Super Artists, like children, must have a special kind of vision, when they look to create the beautiful shoes they paint. Sometimes, the brief they work from can be quite plain, yet the finished shoes are spectacular. At other times, the brief can be so crammed with ideas that it’s amazing they manage to fit everything onto the shoes! Supershoes aim to bring some extra sparkly magic into the world of very poorly children and help them find a smile, which, in turn, makes their families happy. And there’s a moment’s magic. If you’d like to help us continue delivering that magic, you can see all the various ways to do so here.

Two quotes from me to you this month: In optimism, there is magic. In pessimism, there is nothing. (Abraham-Hicks).

That’s what we stand for here at Supershoes: hope and optimism.

Children see magic because they look for it.

Let’s take our cue from children and look to find magic wherever we can. (Christopher Moore)

And our favourite quote of this month, from a Super Dad.

We knew we had to believe in magic when we heard: A million thankyous for making my daughter very happy. Magic indeed.

Wishing you many smiles and your own magic, until next time, with peace, love and gratitude,

Sarah xx