The Post-Christmas Lull

What to write in that “hump” between Christmas celebrations and the beginning of a brand-new, shiny year?

Traditional Christmas Bird

While I was thinking about this, over the last few days, while we’ve been at home, I was watching the birds outside. Sparrows mainly: the little hooligans of the garden. I’ve seen some robins too, which is especially lovely at this time of year. The iconic Christmas bird, with their gorgeous splash of colour, extra red during the winter months, reminding us of decorations, ribbons, berries, wrapping paper, warmth: all those lovely Christmassy things. A robin is a real “look at me” little bird, full of confidence, and free to fly wherever and whenever it wants.

Children should be able to be confident and as carefree as a bird too. If you can’t be carefree when you’re a child, when can you be? The years pass so fast and children grow up so quickly. We need to treasure those times.

So how about those children who aren’t able to be carefree, because they’re just too poorly? Children who are wishing the months would hurry up and disappear, because they’re no fun to go through. Families who struggle to find good memories to treasure? Our Super brave children and their families just want to experience a “normal” childhood. Not too much to ask, is it? And most of all, they want a glimmer of hope. We all want hope, don’t we? We want a story with a happy ending. For some families, though, life is anything but a fairy tale and hope is what keeps them going. Hope that one day, their poorly child will be free of cancer and free to do what every other child does. Hope is what keeps us going at Supershoes too. And while we’re hoping, we’re doing what we can, with your help, to keep the smiles big and broad.

I don’t have a magic wand, but if I did, or even just one wish, I know for sure what I’d do.