Sarah's Diary


I took the decision to close the Supershoes office for 2 weeks. I thought long and hard about doing this. We’ve never closed the office before and I wondered if this would weaken our mission.

We know that the children and families we support don’t get a holiday from treatments, appointments and tests. However, our Super Volunteers needed a break, our Super Artists needed a break, and so did I.

We’ve used the time wisely, I promise, to refresh, recharge and reflect, and, as you read this, we’ve bounced back with lots of great, creative ideas and lots of energy to get things done!

Here’s a taster of what’s in the pipeline….

We’re excited to be launching our first newsletter in September. It will be short and sweet, and it’s designed to give you an insight into the workings of Supershoes, from creation to delivery, plus lots of in-between information too. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, click here and scroll to the footer.

More Super Artists so that we can make even more Supershoes for Super brave children. I’m on a personal mission to do this, and will tell you more next month.

More fundraising events. I’ll be sending out “save the date” as they come up.

More ways to recruit super sponsors.

Finally, whilst I was away from the office, I was sitting on the bank of a lovely Scottish loch, idly throwing pebbles into the water. Hearing the “splash” and then watching those ripples spread wider and wider, it suddenly occurred to me that this ripple effect is what we do when we want to spread the word about something super special, like Supershoes.

So here’s my personal request to you this month: Who could you tell about Supershoes? Next time you’re sitting in a room with a few friends, think about how many contacts each of you has on their phone. I’ll bet in a group of 5, it runs to thousands! If everyone told just 5 friends about Supershoes, and asked them to do the same, imagine how many people we could reach!