International Childhood Cancer Day

Today is International Childhood Cancer day.

Today we would like to thank all of the families who have allowed us the privilege to share a little part of their journey. Through their strength and courage, by sharing their story and the challenges they face, they help us with our mission to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

We can never walk in these children’s shoes but we can walk by their sides and support them on their journey. We must talk about childhood cancer and recognise that for many children, cancer is reality and a battle they face daily.

It is utterly heart breaking that children get cancer, which steals their chance of a normal childhood. We must however keep;

  • Hope in our hearts,

  • Hope of a cure of this dreadful disease,

  • Hope for better treatments,

  • Hope for a time that cancer is a thing of the past.

Thinking of all the beautiful, super brave children that we have created Supershoes for and their courageous families. For the children that have to fight and endure and for those who have gone too soon. We salute you today and always.