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Super-sponsor Julian Smith! Has just second part of the Dopeyo challenge back in February, at the Tokyo Marathon!! Julian said “It was a incredible experience in Tokyo. The crowds were brilliant…… they were handing out drinks, sweets, fruit and cheered us along the entire route!!” Julian has completed numerous running events to support Supershoes, including The Dopey Challenge which took place over 4 days, in Florida and consisted of a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon & Marathon, a mammoth 48.6 miles in total….Plus a similar challenge called The Star Wars Rebel Challenge where he ran 5k, 10k & a Half Marathon over 3 days. There is no stopping Super-sponsor Julian he has also ran in the Great Birmingham Run and is going to run in the Tokyo Marathon in February!Julian and his incredible football team (New Milton Eagles) raised a further £100 for Supershoes also!

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Jasmi's Story

Jasmi’s Story

June 2016

Jasmi was in the maintenance phase of treatment with a year to go, when her family found out she had relapsed